About Us

The purpose of the Alsip Industrial Association is to keep our members informed on issues that affect businesses in our area. We work closely with the Village of Alsip and if necessary the state of Illinois to ensure that our interests are being protected. The Alsip Industrial Association is here to assist you and provide a conduit between your business and government.

The Alsip Industrial Association offers the opportunity to be proactive in the community and improve the area around your business. The common goal is to share information that may affect your business and the bottom line. We meet with legislators, community leaders, governmental agencies and other influential people who may directly impact your business, yet may not be approachable on an individual basis. We continuously share information with our members through our monthly newsletter, our website, networking events and educational seminars.

The Alsip Industrial Association is a non-profit organization of businesses that operate or have a vested interest in the Village of Alsip. Whether you conduct business or are located in Alsip, you have an interest in the Village and by becoming a member of the Alsip Industrial Association, you can be assured that your interests are represented. We work closely with the Village to be sure that ordinances that are passed, enforced or interpreted incorrectly are changed to treat business and industry fairly. The Alsip Industrial Association provides the business community with a strong voice that is heard in the Village. Our efforts have been, and are continuing to be, instrumental in creating as favorable a business climate as possible in Alsip. In keeping with our original purpose, as defined by our founding members over 45 years ago, the Alsip Industrial Association has been an effective force in guiding the course of the local regulatory environment.

Our success is limited only by our strength and our strength lies in our numbers. Join the Alsip Industrial Association and help us make Alsip an even better community for your business! Your input and participation is our most valuable asset!
We welcome you to learn more about the Alsip Industrial Association and how we can mutually benefit from a civic and business relationship.